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35 Practical Steps Men Can Take To Support Feminism

Most men do many things in their daily lives that directly or indirectly contribute to a culture of gender inequality.

On Facebook, a friend recently linked to an article called 20 Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution. Although he liked the list, he (correctly) noted that most of the suggestions were quite academic. The friend in question, like me, is an academic, so this point is not meant to be an indictment of the original article. It’s just that practical tools and academic tools can have different places in the world.

His comments have prompted me to create a list of more practical tools. Most men -- particularly men who benefit from multiple forms of structural privilege -- do many things in their daily lives that directly or indirectly contribute to a culture of gender inequality. Even men who support feminism in theory can be not great at applying feminism in their everyday practices.

This list entails suggestions for some practical tools all men can apply in their day-to-day lives to foster equality in their relationships with women, and to contribute to a culture where women feel less burdened, unsafe, and disrespected.

Part of living in a patriarchal society is that men are not socialized to think about how their habits and attitudes harm women. This list is meant to push men to think more consciously and personally about the direct and indirect effects they have on women, and to think more about how they can contribute to feminism through their lived, everyday practices.

Tools 15 - 27 are c/o Lindsay Ulrich. Other tools c/o Pamela Clark.

The list is not intended to be exhaustive or exclusive. Certain items on the list will apply to some men more than others, but if you are a man and a human I guarantee there is at least one area on the list where you could make an improvement. If you think there’s something we’ve missed, tell me! If you think something on the list is problematic, let’s have a conversation about it!
1. Do 50% (or more) of housework.

You need to do your share of housework all the time, of your own accord, without procrastinating, without being asked, without making excuses. Recognize that our domestic habits and our internalized ideas about unpaid domestic work are hugely gendered and hugely benefit men, and accept that it is your responsibility to fight against this. If feminism is the theory, clean dishes are the practice. Over the next week, take note of how much housework you do as compared to women you live with and note where it is or is not an equitable division.

2. Do 50% (or more) of emotional support work in your intimate relationships and friendships.

Recognize that women are disproportionately responsible for emotional labour and that being responsible for this takes away time and energy from things they find fulfilling.

3. Consume cultural products produced by women.

In whatever your interests are -- French cinema, astrophysics, baseball, birdwatching -- ensure that women’s voices and women’s cultural products are represented in what you are consuming. If they are not, make an effort to seek them out.

4. Give women space.

Many women walk around -- especially at night or while alone -- feeling on edge and unsafe. Being in close physical proximity to an unknown man can exacerbate this feeling. Recognize that this is not an unreasonable fear for women to have, given how many of us have experienced harassment or abuse or been made to feel unsafe by men when we are in public spaces. Also recognize that it doesn’t matter if you are the kind of man who a woman has any actual reason to fear, because a woman on the street doesn’t have a way of knowing this about you or not.

Examples: If a seat is available on public transit next to a man, take that seat rather than one next to a woman. If you are walking outside in the dark close to a woman walking alone, cross the street so that she doesn’t have to worry someone is following her. If a woman is standing alone on a subway platform, stand some distance away from her.

5. … but insert yourself into spaces where you can use your maleness to interrupt sexism.

Examples: challenge men who make sexist comments and jokes. If you see a female friend in a bar/at a party/on the subway/wherever looking uncomfortable as a man is speaking to her, try to interject in a friendly way that offers her an opportunity for an “out” if she wants it. If you see a situation where a woman looks like she may be in distress while in the company of a man, stand nearby enough that you make yourself a physical presence, monitor the situation, and be in a position to call for help if needed.

Things like this can super difficult, awkward, and complicated to know how to do, but it’s worth trying anyway. Making yourself feel momentarily uncomfortable is a fair tradeoff for making a woman feel more comfortable.

6. When a woman tells you something is sexist, believe her.

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the most powerful shit i've watched in a while


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я немного кончился с этого арта и просто пойду полежу немного в углу.

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лучшее что может быть в вашей жизни: арабский trap / witch house со вкусом автоматной очереди

совершенно другая какая-то музыка
люблю бесконечно

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“Nice boots, Tinker Bell!”: Steve Rogers as an allegory for the impossibility of perf
There’s nothing new about the consideration of male superheroes as icons of masculinity. Superman representing the pinnacle of wholesome, idealised masculine power, or The Hulk as an allegory for the angry, repressed male id. And these types of masculinity are not innate or inevitable. Masculinity, like all gender roles is a socially constructed performance.
But performative masculinity has a tension to it that performative femininity does not, because performing itself is seen as innately unmasculine. You cannot learn to be a real man, you are or you are not. You can’t make one or learn to be one. Because our story about masculinity is that it just is. It is an ur state of being. The most natural way for a human to be.
Steve Rogers came out of a bottle.
And Steve Rogers’s weapon is a shield. Steve does not attack, he defends. Steve Rogers is the only Avenger who does not thrust forward with a phallic weapon. From Loki’s staff to Clint’s arrows, Black Widow (who pairs so well with Steve because she is a phallic woman) has guns, Tony essentially is a giant penis (sorry, friends, that’s all I see), and of course no one would even pretend that Thor’s hammer isn’t Thor’s penis.
But Steve has a shield. And a shield isn’t particularly feminine. It is not a cup or a sheath or a hole. It is just anti-phallic.
And that is Steve. the non-phallic man. Because you can’t make a man in a machine. Only a strange kind of monster.
Steve Rogers did not begin as a man. Skinny Steve is a feminised man. A sissy. He fights against it - it’s a highly stigmatised way for a man to be - but he can’t win. He can’t win any fight. He is small, he is weak and sick. He starts trouble, but he needs to be rescued. He tries to pursue the most masculine thing he can, being a soldier, but as he stands there with his fluffy hair and child-body, his pretence at masculinity is rejected by the real men.
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короче давным давно увязалась в яму с эванстэном и с тех пор все время пытаюсь justify их отношения в своих глазах и... ну, вообще понять, почему они такие и почему остальные не цепляют. нашла только что в архиве давнейший скрин с какого-то видоса про их отношения. анализ того, как у них все может быть. реальность ли это или крепкая основа для фанфика - каждый сам пусть решает, а я просто терять не хочу, потому что очень все здорово.

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@темы: vlog squad related


that is some gay shit trish!!!!

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вощим так.
я не рисовала уже несколько (десятков) лет. и, чтобы ничего не объяснять, в августе купила в фикс-прайсе блокнот 10х15 и три гелевые ручки.
стирательная резинка у меня уже была.

иногда мне даже казалось, что у меня есть идеи, но не хватает мастерства/опыта/знаний/тупо таланта их воплотить.

это трудно назвать в полном смысле рисунками. но было весело просто каждый вечер что-то делать, кроме фигурного раскладывания носков после работы перед сном.

осторожно, если вдруг откроете, эта поебень порвет вашу ленту.



картинка каждый день в течение месяца

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Я тут слежу за историей с Питером Мадсеном и Ким Валль и просто умираю от восторга. Я не могу смириться с тем, что не узнаю, что же именно там случилось.
Короче, если кто не знает. История о том, как реальная жизнь имитирует искусство в целом, а в частности о том, что в Скандинавии можно просто погулять по берегу вместо того, чтобы смотреть "Мост" дома по телевизору, насладившись типичными скандинавскими сюжетами в повседневности.
Питер Мадсен это датский инженер-самоучка сорока шести лет, который всю свою жизнь вместе с группой энтузиастов строит всякие крутые штуки, типа ракет, и датчане радостно скидывают ему лаванды на его изобретения. В том числе почти десять лет назад Мадсен построил самую большую частную подводную лодку с заурядным названием "Наутилус". Она вмещает шесть человек и может опускаться под воду аж на восемь минут (мне лично кажется, что это так себе результат, но судя по тому, что никто не тыкает в него пальцем и не смеется, восемь минут - это результат). Ким Валль - тридцатилетняя шведская журналистка-фрилансер, выпускница Коламбии.
В начале августа Валль закорешилась с Мадсеном на почве своей новой статьи и уломала его взять себя с собой покататься. Мадсен отменил поездку на выставку со своими коллегами-изобретателями и уплыл с Валль рассекать морские просторы. Но вечером оба не вернулись, и тогда бойфренд Валль кипешнул, подключив к делу копов. На следующий день Мадсена вылавливают в море, и он, святая невинность, говорит, что лодка его затонула, а Валль он высадил накануне и в душе не ебет, что с ней сейчас.
Тут любитель Ю Несбе смекает, что Мадсен порешил Валль и пустил ее хладное тело ко дну вместе с лодкой, но Мадсен, видимо, решил соответствовать скандинавским традициям на все сто, так что на следующий день полиция поднимает со морского дна злосчастный Наутилус со следами крови Валль внутри и нарочно пробитым боком. Вот уже завязка, но это еще не все! Мадсен забирает свои показания и затирает полиции, что Валль погибла в результате несчастного случая, и он в самом деле выкинул ее тело в воду.
Не знаю, о чем он там думал, но судьба не подыграла ему на этой ноте, и еще через неделю в заливе находят торс Валль без головы, рук и ног.
Тут я сама начинаю путаться. Мой ресерч недостаточно хорош. Сам Мадсен продолжает настаивать на несчастном случае, но как он объясняет отсутсвие головы и конечностей я не совсем понимаю. Не отъели же их дельфины, право слово.

Поскольку следствие пока не может доказать, что он правда убил Валль, присесть Мадсен может за надругательство над телом и, быть может, непредумышленное убийство. Хотя любой нормальный человек понимает, что одно дело это толкать журналисток головой на дверные ручки в состоянии аффекта, а совсем другое отрезать от мертвых тел ноги и руки. Для этого требуется довольно много времени и сил, если у тебя нет циркулярной пилы, а если человек в состоянии сосредоточенно перепиливать мертвецов много часов подряд, болтаясь посреди ничего в металлической сфере, то он, безусловно, конченый отъезжант. Но несмотря на это Мадсену грозит от двух до шести лет (передаю привет Кириллу Серебренникову с его возможной десяточкой на этом моменте!), при этом в Дании за надругательство дают какой-то смехотворный срок (типа шесть месяцев), а Швеция пока косится на эту историю, но ничего не говорит.

Конечно, главный вопрос во всей этой истории - зачем он ее убил? Одно издание полагает, что Мадсен мог заниматься контрабандной кокаина, а Валль как раз до этого писала что-то про работу картелей и транспортировку наркотиков, так что ее интерес к его изобретениям был лишь прикрытием для расследования о трафике. Мадсен просек эту тему и убил ее, ПОТОМУ ЧТО ОНА СЛИШКОМ МНОГО ЗНАЛА.

Другие люди полагают, что критическую роль в случившемся сыграло его отъезжантсво, что кажется мне чуть более убедительным. Хотя даже если ты, не будучи в силах себя контролировать, случайно убиваешь кого-то, то резать его на куски - это только усугублять ситуацию. Если тебе не хочется звонить копам и признаваться в содеянном, то нужно просто выкидывать покойницу целиком, таким образом повышая уровень своей адекватности в глазах потенциального следствия, если тебя все-таки выведут на чистую воду, а Нъерд не смилостивится.

Вишня на это торте - это статься из "Вестей", в которой некий русский коллега Мадсена говорит следующее:

"Я совершенно четко представляю такую ситуацию. Они вдвоем на подводной лодке. Она – женщина, тем более не специалист, не инженер, а журналист, где большая вероятность задать не очень умный с инженерной точки зрения вопрос. Допускаю, что он мог среагировать"

Что, по-моему, просто новая вершина тропа "сама виновата". Конечно, она, женщина, задала дурацкий вопрос, тут-то он и отрезал ей руки с ногами. Закономерная реакция!

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Не буду этого расписывать понятно
Занудно, но я совершенно это не собираюсь как-то беллетризировать или вообще как-то заставлять выглядеть.

Очень хорошо, когда рядом никого нет. Отключается та часть, которая отвечает за "активное РЕАГИРОВАТЬ ПРАВИЛЬНО", она жрет кучу сил. Остается тело, но что тело. Вымыл-одел-накормил, телу норм. Все штуки внутри становятся совершенно упакованными, их не нужно тащить наружу и перерабатывать чтобы РЕАГИРОВАТЬ ПРАВИЛЬНО, чтобы ДОНОСИТЬ ВОЛЮ, чтобы сделать даже правильно выражение лица и интонацию, чтобы всякое такое.

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stiles is an adrenaline junkie or I'm worried about Stiles

Because I'm obsessed. It's official.

And if any of you link this to Jeff Davis I’m going to be upset because I am borderline going insane and reading waaay too much into this show and Stiles’ character and seriously. I would be so embarrassed if he read this and it was completely wrong, okay?

I’m a Film student. Not a Psychology student. And it shows. Because I want to talk about the psychological side of things, but I don’t have the training or the words and I’m sorry about that. It’s all word vomit.

Also, it goes against almost everything I’ve read about Stiles. Yeah, some people have said they were worried about how dark Stiles is but nothing like some of the stuff I’m talking about in this. Most people talk about how he’s the glue of the show. How he’s the heart of the pack. How he’s a perfect baby angel. Oh wait. That’s me.

This isn’t about Stiles’ relationship with Lydia. Or Scott. Or Derek. Or his father. It’s about his relationship with himself.

This is about Stiles’ jokes and sarcasm and how they aren’t really funny. His comedy is also about 80% physical. Meaning, it’s how his face and body moves that makes him the funny guy, not his words. But he does have a few one liners that are memorable and make us laugh. Thing is, I think there are more to them than a chance to laugh. Because we all are starting to see that Stiles is about 10 times more than just the Comic Relief Sidekick (TM.) and he said it himself:

“I’m 147 pounds of skin and bones, sarcasm is really my only defense.”

I’d also like to note that, I’ve been fast forwarding to all the Stiles parts and let me tell you, he’s a big mover of the plot. I’m pretty sure a non-watcher could watch all the just Stiles parts and be caught up just fine. That’s how important his character is to the plot. I never realized just how much of the action would not have happened if Stiles had not been in the thick of it, making it happen. Which says a lot about the kinda guy he is.

But seriously. The guy has a lot of guilt and selfishness and self-less-ness and he’s this giant walking contradiction that should be failing all his classes because of all the stress he’s under but he’s not.

He’s actually excelling under it. Except for his relationship with his father, the guy is actually taking everything in strides.

And no one is worried about that.

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лучшее что он делал вообще in my humble opinion

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Criminal Minds Headcanons (Meta): Aaron Hotchner

So the thing that stands out to me most about Criminal Minds, besides the incredible, incredible way they handle other cultures, ideas, and concepts (as in: anything not straight, white, Christian, cis and American, although they haven't (probably wisely) really tackled anything to do with gender) are the characters. And I could ramble about characters all day. And I have my own interpretations of all of them? Especially the way they feel about each other, etc. So I'm gonna write up my headcanons I think! And post 'em over the next few days while editing/writing this fic that I promise is actually happening.

So, um. This is sort of kind of in order of favorites? But I love them all so much that the gaps between them are infinitesimal.

Aaron Hotchner

To me, Hotch is the textbook FBI Agent. He looks the part. He acts the part. He's collected, he's official, he's polite, but the overwhelming impression he gives off is that he is intense. If someone you hold dear has been murdered and Agent Hotchner is on the job, the murderer will be brought to justice. If your son or daughter is missing and Agent Hotchner is on the job, you will get your child back. That, especially. Any case having to do with children is a case where Hotch's intensity actually gets a little bit dangerous. It is the one place where he will break the rules (well, then and when his team is involved, and in my head his team is as much his family as his wife and son), and he will break them without question if he feels it is the Right Thing To Do. He is a little bit humorless and a little bit hard, too hard maybe sometimes, but he's got this incredible core of emotion that he sometimes lets slip through. When he smiles, the world lights up.

He has a deep understanding of and an incredible trust in Gideon. If Hotch can't do it himself, Gideon can. Often, Hotch thinks Gideon could do it better. He knows more about Gideon than the rest of the team does, but doesn't feel it's his place to share any of that information. He understands that trust must be earned, and values the trust that Gideon has in him enormously.

He's very protective of the Team in general, but probably most protective of Reid. Not because he doesn't think Reid can handle himself, but because he knows exactly when Reid can handle himself. He knows when Reid needs a push in the right direction, needs someone to break him out of his own head and get him moving. He knows what's going on with Reid, and he's decided to let him deal with it unless he reaches out to himself or Gideon. He wonders every day if that's the right decision.

In my head, Hotch is a little bit of a Morgan/Reid shipper. Not really in a romantic sense, but he sees Morgan as Reid's best shield, and the best friend he has on the team. He uses Morgan to keep an eye on Reid. Not as a spy so much as to know that someone's making sure he's okay when he can't do it himself. He doesn't even have to tell Morgan any of that. Morgan knows. Of all the team, though, Hotch probably has the least in common with Morgan - they come from very different worlds, and work in very different ways. However, they connect incredibly well on an intellectual level. Together, Morgan and Hotch can walk through a house and tell the resident things they didn't know about themselves, all the way back to their birth.

J.J, in a lot of ways, is Hotch's right hand woman. He holds no real illusions that he chooses the cases they take; he understands and respects the work she does in bringing the files to his desk. They're very similar in a lot of ways, and Hotch knows that. He knows how hard it must be for her to turn down cases that could very well get worse without their intervention, and completely respects her convictions. If J.J. comes to him and asks him to bend the rules, he's more likely to do it than he would be for anyone except maybe Gideon. Also in my head they have the same taste in women, and Hotch is the first one J.J. came out to at the Bureau. (Yes, my headcanon J.J. is gay. We'll get to that later.)

He thinks Garcia is unapologetically adorable, and holds a kind of admiration for her ability to pull off both that and the genius-level hacking that she does on a daily basis. She makes him smile with her flirting, more than anyone else on the team, and when she's done particularly well he sees no harm in rewarding her with some flirting back. While Gideon is completely clueless as to what Garcia actually does, Hotch understands enough of it to respect it even more.

Prentiss and Hotch got off on the wrong foot. He saw her as trying too hard, eager to get into something she didn't really understand the gravity of. He constantly struggles with the darkness and horror that he deals with every day, and seeing a promising young woman desperate to thrust herself into that world activated his protective instinct hardcore. By now, however, she has fully proven herself as far as he is concerned. She's one of His, and he'll do all he can for her. She also constantly surprises him, something he's grown to appreciate about her. She, also, is someone he knows he can trust with Reid's safety.

And lastly Elle. Hotch regrets letting Elle pull away as much as he did. He feels entirely responsible for what happened to her - not only because he sent her home, but because of the set of morals he feels she learned at his feet. The conviction to do what you think is Right, despite the rules. The idea that there are some things, things that you deeply care about, that are above the law, that should be taken into your own hands. And it scares him a little because he's not entirely sure he believes she was wrong. Out of line, yes, but those concepts are not entirely the same thing. He misses her, and sometimes he thinks about calling her but his sense of propriety as a married man won't let him without some sort of excuse.

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Пишет Jeanne dArc:

my otp
По фильмам из всех отношений мне всегда больше всего нравились отношения Гарри и Гермионы. Причём, не могу сказать, что я их шипперила романтически. Но именно как идеальные платонические отношения. И пока я читаю книги, я всё больше убеждаюсь в своей любви к ним. Их отношения вдохновляют. Они светлые и честные.

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I need this on a t-shirt

I’ve read all 12 volumes of Cleo’s treatises on body and pleasure.


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Пишет Arlenne Lhermitte:

"Я поддерживаю гей-парад потому что это способ большинства сказать меньшинству - не бойтесь быть в меньшинстве. Гею не должно быть страшно быть геем в гетеро-обществе. Еврею не должно быть страшно быть евреем в украинской школе. Девушке не должно быть страшно в компании десантников. Потому что если им страшно, значит большинство тяжело болеет. Болеет пещерный дикостью - нас больше и мы можем сломать тебе шею, если ты не такой, как мы. Потому что это быстро перерождается в простое - нас больше и мы можем сломать тебе шею без повода. И тогда страшно становится всем, кто слабее.

А я хочу жить в обществе без страха." (с) Максим Бланк

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