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Я не плачу... просто дождь

I feel like I’m in the wrong world. ‘Cause I don’t belong in a world where we don’t end up together.

Где-то есть переллельные вселенные, где этого не было; где я был с тобой, а ты со мной. И какой бы ни была та вселенная, мое сердце живет именно в ней.
Я будто не в том мире. Ведь мир, в котором мы не будем вместе, - он не мой.


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stiles is an adrenaline junkie or I'm worried about Stiles

Because I'm obsessed. It's official.

And if any of you link this to Jeff Davis I’m going to be upset because I am borderline going insane and reading waaay too much into this show and Stiles’ character and seriously. I would be so embarrassed if he read this and it was completely wrong, okay?

I’m a Film student. Not a Psychology student. And it shows. Because I want to talk about the psychological side of things, but I don’t have the training or the words and I’m sorry about that. It’s all word vomit.

Also, it goes against almost everything I’ve read about Stiles. Yeah, some people have said they were worried about how dark Stiles is but nothing like some of the stuff I’m talking about in this. Most people talk about how he’s the glue of the show. How he’s the heart of the pack. How he’s a perfect baby angel. Oh wait. That’s me.

This isn’t about Stiles’ relationship with Lydia. Or Scott. Or Derek. Or his father. It’s about his relationship with himself.

This is about Stiles’ jokes and sarcasm and how they aren’t really funny. His comedy is also about 80% physical. Meaning, it’s how his face and body moves that makes him the funny guy, not his words. But he does have a few one liners that are memorable and make us laugh. Thing is, I think there are more to them than a chance to laugh. Because we all are starting to see that Stiles is about 10 times more than just the Comic Relief Sidekick (TM.) and he said it himself:

“I’m 147 pounds of skin and bones, sarcasm is really my only defense.”

I’d also like to note that, I’ve been fast forwarding to all the Stiles parts and let me tell you, he’s a big mover of the plot. I’m pretty sure a non-watcher could watch all the just Stiles parts and be caught up just fine. That’s how important his character is to the plot. I never realized just how much of the action would not have happened if Stiles had not been in the thick of it, making it happen. Which says a lot about the kinda guy he is.

But seriously. The guy has a lot of guilt and selfishness and self-less-ness and he’s this giant walking contradiction that should be failing all his classes because of all the stress he’s under but he’s not.

He’s actually excelling under it. Except for his relationship with his father, the guy is actually taking everything in strides.

And no one is worried about that.

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